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Thread: Malfaisance or something or other....

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    gomoso Guest

    Default Malfaisance or something or other....

    I believe someone is using zonealarm freeware to hook their malware on to it. I just downloaded it for a brand new machine. And it reports that there is a update file that cannot be downloaded. It gives a diag in a window with a funny name, something like,
    What it does is introduce
    an annoying replicator that changes the system fonts to something like wing-dings redering most text unreadable. I used a font viewer (Karen's) to change my system font. I then decided to erase most of my font files. That fixed it for two minutes. But AVG anti-virus and anti-spam don't see it. Anti-spam did not find it in RAM!
    Has anyone else come across this annoyance?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: Malfaisance or something or other....

    Did you download ZA free here

    ZA free has no updates, so nothing should pop-up other than an invitation to change version to ZA Pro. Is that what you are referring to?

    Is your computer clean?
    Perhaps it might be worth scanning with few free products such as a-squared or ewido and SuporAntiSpyware as well if what you're reporting is evidence of something already in your PC.

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    gomoso Guest

    Default Re: Malfaisance or something or other....

    Thank you for replying. I gave up and will reformat the HDD.
    I like to download ZA Free starting
    from this comparison chart: (
    It gives me bearing.)
    which takes me to:
    But you are absolutely right. I cannot
    garranty that the system was clean before that. It is a new system and I hadn't even installed uS Office. So, to be safe I downloaded and installed
    AVG antivirus. And no problem seemed apparent. Then, I downloaded and installed AVG antispam and I didn't notice any funny stuff. Thirdly, I downloaded ZA Free and at the end of the installation it opened this window saying it could not update ZA before finishing the install and to reboot the system. I wanted to capture the screen with that diag and send it but it all went downhill and now it won't even recognise the HDD s/w (maxblaster). So I walked away from it before I get resort to other physical methods.
    This email I'm sending you is from another machine which has etrust firewall. I like ZA free and have been using it for a while.
    Sorry I couldn't get you more feedback but the problem just got worse. I tried using unlocker in safe mode. But no go. W explorer would say several files were in c:\windows\fontbut I could not see them and each time
    I tried to change the directory properties it would revert back to Archive only. Does vgaeom.fon ring a bell?
    Sorry. Thanks. Back to reformatting. Thnx.

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