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Thread: backdoor.win32.bifrose.aej detected on my computer

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    lfelix Guest

    Default backdoor.win32.bifrose.aej detected on my computer

    Hello everyone i need someone to help me with a problem my son plays world of warcraft which is a online game when he tryed to log on today it sayed that backdoor.win32.bifrose.aej was detected on my computer and it was a trojan that that could hack my computer and steal his account I used zone alarm scanner again and again but it did pick up any thing i tryed other scanners but nothing work but world of warcraft still says i have it on my computer my scanner is up to date but cant find it can someone help me please.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Default Re: backdoor.win32.bifrose.aej detected on my computer

    What's the offending file name? Could be another one of those false positives that turn up from time to time.

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: backdoor.win32.bifrose.aej detected on my computer

    Well you should look at the worldcraft forums -
    . It is very topical, I haven't read it, but you and your son should spend some time in this forum investigating the issue; you'll probably find a far better resolution here. And you can probably post your own questions in there and get better - results.<hr>NaiveMelody NYC 7-10-07 - Civilize The Universe - Ozzy Osbourne

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    ngb Guest

    Default Re: backdoor.win32.bifrose.aej detected on my computer

    Hello, i found a way to remove it. It took me some time but i found the way. In my case the trojan was in my c:\programs\bifrost. I just deleted that folder and i dont have it anymore. I dont know if its the same for you but it is worth a try

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    ngb Guest

    Default Re: backdoor.win32.bifrose.aej detected on my computer

    I may have the solution for your problem. I downloaded a private server pack for WoW BC and when I installed it i got this **bleep** swedish trojan.. I used 1 day to look for ppl who had the same problem and tryed their solutions, but non of them worked. I tryed to use the systemrecovery tool and set windows a few days back, back to when i had'nt even started the download but it was still there. I tryed to look in Add/Remove program and moved all suspicious programs, did'nt work either. Then i scanned my computer with XoftSpy SE, and hurray it found it then i deleted it and 2 minutes after it was back again. I then scanned with Spybot Search&amp;Destroy (Spybot S&amp;D) and wow, it found it to! I then deleted it (again) and 2 minutes after it was there again.. -.-' Then i scanned again with XoftSpy SE to find out where the trojan was, and then i found it in &quot;C:\Programs\Bifrost\msnplus.exe&quot;. The file &quot;msnplus.exe&quot; kept installing itself and i could'nt find the processor. Then i deleted the folder, wich was writeprotected. At first i couldnt delete the folder because of the write protection, wich i could'nt remove. But then i used the program Gipo@MoveOnBoot to move the folder to desktop (on next reboot). And as soon as i started up the computer i deleted it before it could run the processor and i emptyed my trashcan, and voila.. no more swedish trojan on my computer! I can't garrantee it will work for you but it worked for me. I hope this is a help, because this is some **bleep**ed up trojan noone should have!

    I hope this can help you, and anyone else with this problem. Sorry about my english, i'm from Denmark and not very good at english.

    I can suggest following programs:
    XoftSpy SE
    Spybot Search &amp; Destroy

    I know this is a Zone Alarm forum, but those programs might help you, at least they can tell you where the trojan is installed.
    The programs won't delete the trojan because it installs itself. (You can delete it but it will come back :/ **bleep**ed up ^^)

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