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Thread: ZASS 7.0.337 and Norton Save & Restore

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    abannister Guest

    Default ZASS 7.0.337 and Norton Save & Restore

    I have been using Norton Save & Restore (aka Ghost) for about three months now. It is scheduled to run overnight and normally takes about 5-10 minutes to do an incremental backup.A couple of weeks ago I found that when I came to use the machine at the satrt of the working day it was running very, very slowly and needed to be re-booted before it was usable. Often I could not get a response to re-boot and had to manually crash the machine. The system logs showed the backup was taking 4-5 hours. After some experimenting I found that if I disabled the Virus Check in ZASS the problem went away (and my PC booted in about half the time it otherwise takes).Has anyone else had similar problems? Is there a practical fix (other than messing around with turing virus check on and off at key times)?

    Operating System:
    Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:
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    ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    zaswing Guest

    Default Re: ZASS 7.0.337 and Norton Save & Restore

    Yes it's been seen. Yes it makes sense (to me), although the difference in timing does seem enormous. With ZASS v6 the difference I see
    using ZASS v6 and another imaging app, is about 20-30%.
    To your method, I'd add to make sure to run scandisk, scan the computer for viruses and trash before doing ghost and to be disconnected from the internet during the time the AV is off.
    Incremental vs full might also play a role but it all depends on the size of drive and number of files to process.
    Since you're a paying customer, I'd ask ZL official tech support what they would recommend. They may give you good hints. This is the link, just have your license key handy to paste into the form, and make sure to fill in correct version of ZA

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    abannister Guest

    Default Re: ZASS 7.0.337 and Norton Save & Restore

    Belated thanks for the advice, much appreciated
    Will take this up with ZL.

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