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Thread: Another Rootkit.win32agent.go issue

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    dmre Guest

    Default Another Rootkit.win32agent.go issue

    This is my first forum anywhere! I'm slow at typing and just learning about the PC world and fast (jumped into Vista) I discovered - crashes, freezes and unrecorded phenomenon. I have been getting better at the uninstall/install process (lost count in the last couple months). Although I do see a lot of good points with Vista! Early this week I noticed my machine running rough and hard. My ZA 7.1.078 was acting strange. OH NO Rootkit PANIC "Who was it?". Every startup, Rootkit.Win32.Agent.go was Quarantined but never gone. Since I'm not good at hunting down viruses manually, out came the weapon, Vista Home Premium DVD special. By carefully reinstalling my programs everything worked great until it was my trusted PC Tools Spyware Doctor with A.V.'s turn (It's my back-up, I do realize not to run two A.V.'s at the same time). Problem - It was back, \Sys32\drivers\mchlnjDrv.sys. I shut down the Doctor and ZA Continued with out any notifications. A) Problem with my updated Spyware Doctor. DLL? B) a Kaspersky conspiracy. C) Something is up with ZA. D) I don't know? I will say this in my case the ZA's Overview>Status A.V/Anti-spy dialog shows no records of treated viruses. I know this was long but it's my first. Someone will have the answers. THANKS "E"

    Operating System:Windows Vista Home Premium
    Software Version:7.1 (Vista)
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Shutdown Spydoctor and run only ZA. I want to see if it's SD finding the rootkit or ZA.

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    dmre Guest

    Default Re: Another Rootkit.win32agent.go issue

    1) I ran ZA Virus/Spy-Scan (Virus only) with SD off. Results--clean!.
    2) Reinstalled PC Tools Registry Mechanic to clean out the carcasses after the clean install from the day b4 concerning the recurring infestation. Started up once again ZASS, all good.
    3) Shutdown ZASS, turned on Vista Firewall (default-block in only). Called up the Doctor - updated, ran a full scan (includes; Scan for hidden Rootkits, but their own (allegedly!)). Diagnoses Clean!
    4) Shutdown PC Tools SD with AV. Re-ignited ZASS and it quarantined the same Rootkit.Win32.Agent.go same location again. I deleted it and with SD off, I did a Restart "all good system go!".
    In my observation there's a conflict between both softwares. PC Tools Spyware Doctor with AV wants to run a "GOOD HOOK" in order to provide me the best of services and whatever else. Or/And ZASS is determined to stop it, even if it's not sure, or does know.
    In ZASS Program Control>Components I noticed access green check mark by SMUMHOOK.DLL - Properties Spyware Doctor.
    As I mentioned, in my case this Virus only appears with SD at least for now.
    Someone pointed out in an earlier post that there is a "Mathias Rauen-" who creates programs for companies, Hmm!
    A few days earlier my ZASS was acting strange, now with SD dismembered ZASS seems to be fine maybe to fine. I'm not getting all the red flags "Port 80..." Attacks, or being fooled into allowing access and denials. That another story.

    Thanks Again, "E"

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    Default Re: Another Rootkit.win32agent.go issue

    Good to here something got fixed. :8}

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