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    alinek Guest

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    I can't access internet explorer, i get a message from malware wiped to buy their removing tool to remove a virus "" that ZoneAlarm don't detect. I have scan my computer many times and nothing; and I can't get rid of malware either.

    please help!!!

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    zaswing Guest

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    Please, don't ever, ever, ever fall for the scams of sumware writer giving you a popup that you have whatever they think you have on your computer.

    Having said that, was your computer clean before you installed ZASS. You know it doesn't let much bad stuff through, in my experience. If I were you, I'd do a scan with ewido or a-square and Superantispyware in addition to the normal ZA scan and make a HijackThis log as well.

    Could be SmithFraud trouble, in which case, please go over to Bleepingcomputer or CastleCops for cleanup instructions.

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    alinek Guest

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    I've been using ZASS for the last two years and nothing bad had happened until now...
    I've done the following:1. In safe mode: Scan with ZASS - nothing happened2. Scan with ewido - found one virus3. 1st scan with Superantispyware - found 74 viruses/spyware4. 2nd scan with Superantispyware - found 20 viruses/spyware5. 3rd scan with Superantispyware - nothing
    Viruses Found:Trojan.Media-Codec/V3Trojan.MalwareWipTrojan.Media-CodecMalware.SpyLockedMalware.VirusProtectProTroja n.SmithFraudvariant
    Do I need a repeat scan? Any advices that It might appear again?

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    zaswing Guest

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    I would rescan once more with ewido and a-squared, then head over to removal experts and copy the results you just posted so they can get you started
    or go where Oldsod suggests;

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    alinek Guest

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    Thank you. Will try everything possible stuff

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