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Thread: Virus from External drives

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    jackdotcom Guest

    Default Virus from External drives

    After massive viruses throughout the past month I am trying to get back to normal and have very old files on CDs, fairly recent files on a thumb drive, and month old files on an external hard drive.
    I assume I have viruses on all of them, although I am only guessing, I am afraid to connect to them.
    But I badly need the data, so am desperate for good advice.
    One person told me I can get a virus just from connecting to one of these externals-- the external hard drive, for example.
    One person told me
    a virus
    make its way to
    a thumb drive, but I find that hard to believe.
    If it is okay to connect to my external hard drive, I have about sixty gigs of data on it and would like to immediately just delete fifty gigs of it.
    This would be left mouse click on the major folder ( C:\\ ), then left click on a subfolder and then to right click and select "delete" on several subfolders.
    Is this safe?

    If I cannot avoid getting viruses, I next plan to look into Macs.
    I am told that you can put Microsoft viruses into a Max and they will not work.

    I would appreciate any advice on this, since I know little about these things.
    I badly need the data.

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    flyyourway Guest

    Default Re: Virus from External drives

    If the virus's have been removed from your computer and you now are running anti-virus software and you suspect the virus has written itself to the hdd or thumb drive which I doubt it has also when you go to move the files from those drives and copy them onto the computer the AV would stop this from happening this also depends on what type of AV you run the free ones may not stop everything as a good paid for version with updated definitions would stop all.

    If you saved a virus to any external source it still would need to be executed if you dont do this then it would not propagate anywhere, and Yes, internal and external hardrives are both suceptible to viruses this would also include thumb drives.

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