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Thread: ZA Anti Spyware thinks "oem8.PNF" is Trojan

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    jedwin Guest

    Default Re: ZA Anti Spyware thinks "oem8.PNF" is Trojan

    I have the same issue. Could I run ZA in safe mode and restore the PNF file from quarrantine?
    I am trying this, but ZA will not start without truevector running. I tried to start the truevector service, but it complained of failed dependencies.
    Is there a series of services I would need to start?

    I want to avoid system restore because my last restore point is pretty old.
    Thanks for any suggestions!

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    baobab Guest

    Default Re: ZA Anti Spyware thinks "oem8.PNF" is Trojan

    Don't delete your file... I've had exactly the same problem as other people who did, and have spent all morning trying to get my system to boot up in normal mode! it would help if ZA stored the values for the deleted registry keys in a log...

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    planetgravy Guest

    Default Re: ZA Anti Spyware thinks "oem8.PNF" is Trojan

    I was too quick to believe ZAs instruction to delete the files so now I'm in the same boat. I restored oem8.PNF and oem9.PNF from a backup disk but still a blank screen. It looks like I'll have to save my latest files in Safe Mode then restore using my last Acronis full disk backup (not tried that before!).
    Tried System Restore but it wouldn't run in Safe Mode. A bad day that's getting worse and I expect there will be others in a far worse state than me.
    My friends laughed at me for paying for Zone Alarm security suite instead of using their free firewall and AVG free....

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    fung Guest

    Default Re: ZA Anti Spyware thinks "oem8.PNF" is Trojan

    Hi JEdwin,
    I tried unquaranteeing it using ZA whilst in Safe Mode (and after restoring to my last checkpoint)
    and it didn't work for me last night. Couldn't work out why.
    oem8.pnf, oem8.inf
    and oem9.pnf reappeared in the INF folder and using REGEDIT checked that the key was in the registry, then I rebooted and got the blank screen !
    By the way guys, when I mention Windows System Restore it's an option accessed by clicking your START button, then selecting HELP AND SUPPORT, then SYSTEM RESTORE, then RESTORE MY COMPUTER TO AN EARLIER TIME, gives you a set of dates in a calendar format to select from. This facility/tool doesn't touch your data files and is separate to the System Backup/Restore Tool BACKUP UTILITY also found under Windows.
    Fortunately for me my last checkpoint was on Thu 26 Jul and
    only made a few minor software updates since then.
    Good luck.Fung (I'm female by the way....)

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    fung Guest

    Default Re: ZA Anti Spyware thinks "oem8.PNF" is Trojan

    My problem was initial triggered by an Auto Update of the Virus/Anti-Spyware definitions,
    yesterday morning. When it ran an auto-scan in the afternoon it listed this 'trojan' and like most average computer users trust what we're being told on the report and quarantine it without much thought.
    Then after downloading my latest windows security updates I was prompted to reboot I was then faced with the blank screen.
    The blank screen is exactly that - it's like working with your machine without a monitor. Windows is loaded but without a visual aid you can't navigate to rectify the problem. Hence having to go into Safe Mode.
    After restoring my system to a clean and final state, the Update Virus/Anti-Spyware definitions are still reporting win32.trojan.dropper.small.156 as a trojan. So I can't see how resubmitting a request to update the definitions is going to help, bearing in mind all it does is report back that your definitions are up-to-date.
    If you're lucky enough to do a bit of research on the trojan name before deciding on the course of action from the ZA Anti-Spyware scan report, then you can select Ignore Always. Wasted time avoided.....
    Lesson learnt the hard way people.X-(

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    bdoyle Guest

    Default Re: ZA Anti Spyware thinks "oem8.PNF" is Trojan

    It was your description that helped me out via my IT assistants in my Business. Many thanks.
    Should have had to go through that though if ZA would get theirselves sorted. Wasted around 3 Hours This morning. I managed to get it back to yesterday morning restore point so no harm done, but I had been on the phone to a local Computer Repair guy who was quoting me
    75 per CD for data recovery. I have about 13Gb in Photos alone on my drive so I was counting up the pennies and thinking "sh..."
    Many thanks, glad I seen your post.

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    tim_tylor Guest

    Default Re: ZA Anti Spyware thinks "oem8.PNF" is Trojan

    System Restore in safe mode worked for me, and the monitor's been fine since. I didn't try unquarantining the file, though. (I couldn't, having stupidly deleted it - a mistake I won't repeat in a rush.) I suppose you could try System Restore again without unquarantining, in case that messed it up.

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    jedwin Guest

    Default Re: ZA Anti Spyware thinks "oem8.PNF" is Trojan

    Thank you Fung.

    For what its worth, here's my (similar) experience - I found that in safe mode I could right-click the X icon (disabled ZA) in my system tray to open ZA.
    In the quarantine, the threat name was now missing and the threat level had changed from medium to high.
    I restored, saw that the oem8.inf and oem9.pnf files had re-appeared, and re-booted.
    Blank screen again. Then I did system restore in safe mode (my last restore point was much more recent than I had feared).
    Everything seems to work now (but oem8.inf and oem9.pnf are missing!) There must be some INF cache trickery afoot.
    Now ZA scan with updated defs finds no spyware.

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    newu Guest

    Default Re: ZA Anti Spyware thinks "oem8.PNF" is Trojan


    I also have this encounter today. I quarantined oem8.pnf today after antispyware picked it up and I looked up the "trojan" afterwards and found this thread. Having found out that it was a false alarm, I restored the "no name" file from the quarantine, I checked the directory if it had really been restored, and it's there. I haven't restart my computer since the incident so I didn't experience a blank screen but now I'm worry if the blank screen would occur if I ever restart and whether or not ZA has removed the keys from the registry. It would be difficult if not impossible to fix the blank screen if it ever occur since I have my system restore disabled! If anyone can point me to the right direction, I would really appreciate it.

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    douginalaska Guest

    Default Re: ZA Anti Spyware thinks "oem8.PNF" is Trojan

    I had this same problem last night and deleted the file.
    Luckily, I didn't reboot or shut my machine off until I checked into this Trojan and found out from you guys that it isn't really a Trojan.
    I was able to do a 'system restore' and everything seems to be functioning properly.Thanks guys!!!!!
    Doug in Alaska

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