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Thread: ZA Anti Spyware thinks "oem8.PNF" is Trojan

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    koreanlo Guest

    Default Re: ZA Anti Spyware thinks "oem8.PNF" is Trojan

    I don't have system restore enabled. What I've found out is that it basically screwed up some registry entries for display driver/resolution. So I started the system in "Safe Mode", went into "Device Manager", removed the "Display Adaptors", then ran "Scan for hardware changes" which reinstalled the drivers and corresponding registry entries. I restarted the system in normal mode and everything's fine.

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    fung Guest

    Default Re: ZA Anti Spyware thinks "oem8.PNF" is Trojan

    <blockquote>Hi newu,
    To create a System Checkpoint from Windows XP: click on
    your START button, then select HELP AND SUPPORT, then SYSTEM RESTORE, and select CREATE A RESTORE POINT, and then give it a name and hit CREATE. Also see my message how to use it to restore.
    Also have a look at the message from Koreanlo and try that, before rebooting.
    I've submitted a Technical Support issue to ZA. If enough people who've experienced this issue does so too they might look into rectifying it before any others get hit by this problem....

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    newu Guest

    Default Re: ZA Anti Spyware thinks "oem8.PNF" is Trojan

    Initially I thought I had system restore turned off years ago since I didn't found it really helpful, maybe it's because I didn't really know how to use it properly (The last time I used system restore was on Win ME OS) But I found out it has been on the whole time, I just didn't create a restoration point. Anyway, I didn't receive any response that day, so I decided to take my chances and restart that night and see what will happen (I had an impulse to restart for application changes). And before I did restart I reinstall my video driver just in case (advised by someone on this thread). After the restart everything was back to normal or at least I thought it was. I checked to see if the registry keys had reappeared and it had. So now I guess everything works now. But still, I thank you for the help and for taking your time to reply. I'll check out those links.

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    fung Guest

    Default Re: ZA Anti Spyware thinks "oem8.PNF" is Trojan

    I've just received a reply from ZA - Result !! :8}
    Fri, August 3, 2007 7:41 pm (BST)Subject:

    Tech Support Ticket: Anti-spyware removal ISSUE=582060 PROJ=4From:

    &quot;ZoneAlarm Technical Support&quot; **bleep**<hr>Hello Fung,
    Thank you for contacting ZoneAlarm Technical Support.

    I understand that you have a question about a virus on your system. I
    apologize for any inconvenience that this issue may be causing you.

    We have updated the anti-spyware definitions as of August 1 to ensure
    that we don't detect this file as malicious any longer. Ensure that
    ZoneAlarm is up to date by clicking the Update Now button on the
    Antivirus/Antispyware -&gt; Main tab.
    ......Thank you for choosing ZoneAlarm Security!

    Technical Support
    A Division of Check Point Software

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    techno_infidel Guest

    Default Re: ZA Anti Spyware thinks "oem8.PNF" is Trojan

    I too had this issue.
    I restarted in safe mode, uninstalled my video driver.
    Windows then prompted me to reboot and I could see my desktop once again.
    In reinstalled my video driver and everything is fine.
    Hope this helps someone avoid a system restore.

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