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Thread: Flash Player False Positive?

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    moggsquad Guest

    Default Re: Flash Player False Positive?

    I'm getting it too... Glad it's a FP.
    My first FP since I started using this 5 weeks ago.

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    Dec 2005

    Default Re: Flash Player False Positive?

    It does seem that as the vendor's software gets more sophisticated, the number of problems increases. Not only with the application itself but the software is actually pushing the other competiting vendor off of the desktop.

    When the SS 5 first appeared, that when I removed it and said good riddance. That was the version that broke my faith. Never missed it since- one version is bad, the next is good, the next is bad cycle is too frustrating. It was nice to have a desktop scanner available, but it was too much trouble for me in the end.
    I gave away my subscriptions.
    I just do online scans with ewido or trend for spyware every few months. The results are always clean. So I must be doing something right.

    Just doing some manual checks and a HJT run from time to time along with autoruns and process explorer is my "antispy" security.

    I don't use any spy scanners- it is hard to get web spyware infections using Opera and FireFox. That and safe hex seems to do the trick for a clean PC.

    Best regards,
    Best regards.

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    woodycab Guest

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    uninstalled adobe flash player ran spyware scan trojan psw gone, reinstalled adobe flash player still no trojan, hope updates for zone alarm fixed problem

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    mistress Guest

    Default Re: Flash Player False Positive?

    ZAISS just found on my machine too.
    I will call it a FP.

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