... and the havoc they are wreaking on people's computers, and the fact that when ZA quarantines something, restoring the files from quarantine is not enough, since ZA seems to de-register the file when it quarantines it, and maybe not all of us know how to restore that registry setting and maybe we can't necessarily restore the system...

Shouldn't we all just choose to have ZASS 'report only' when it perceives a problem? (That's with "Alert me, do not treat automatically" for the AV and the check removed from the box to treat automatically in the antispyware part.) ZASS is not the first security software to have false positives and, personally, I won't even use security software if it doesn't provide the option for me to decide what I want it to do with a file before it does anything. I did have the antispyware set to treat automatically until this latest rash of problems (involving people's monitors). Somehow my AS didn't flag these files, so I was lucky there, but I'm not giving ZASS another chance to wipe out legitimate files. I've already lost a system file for good to a false positive, and fortunately it's not one that I've needed so far.

Yes, it's more work to have to second guess everything ZASS does, but it's the same with any security software, false positives happen. And looking something up and verifying it first is probably easier than trying to get back something that's been lost for good.

Just my 2 cents. :-) Happy computing, folks. I appreciate everyone who has written here to share their experiences and knowledge. It is a great help.

ZASS 6.5