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Thread: Something is filling my drive C

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    mrgt_br Guest

    Default Something is filling my drive C

    Even with ZoneAlarm Antivirus updated last week somehow I must have got a virus or worm. After an update from Microsoft and restart, I got an error message for winlogon.exe telling that an intruction at "0x7c883f9c" cannot be written. After checking the HD I saw that drive C, with 38 gb of space, was completely full. I erased temp files and got 12 mb of free space but after less than 1 minute drive C was full again. I moved to drive D my outlook folder, Internet Temp files folder and virtual memory. This gave much more free space on drive C, but after a short time, drive C was full again. I cannot more update ZonaAlarm antivirus because it tells me that drive C is full. Any idea what it may be?

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Antivirus

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    findley Guest

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    Have you tried booting into Safe Mode Deleting your temp files?
    Have you tried running ZASS from Safe Mode?

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    mrgt_br Guest

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    Thanks for your reply, but what I want to do, is to be sure that my computer is not infected with something. I for sure can reinstall my windows, but if I have any of my documents infected and open them, my computer can be infected again.

    Today I checked folder by folder and found one that uses 31.1 gb of my 38 gb partition C, it is a folder named c:\windows\PCHealth. Now must check
    if this belongs to windows XP or
    if it is a worm. ZoneAlarm antivirus not found anything.

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    Default Re: Something is filling my drive C

    Hi!yes, it is a legitimate folder from your OS.You may want to let check your system by professionals. See below:Post your Hijackthis log here: read mandatory steps before posting at Castlecops:

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