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Thread: [Solved] Help - nasty spyware/virus!!! > Remove the Adware that you installed

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    Angry [Solved] Help - nasty spyware/virus!!! > Remove the Adware that you installed

    Help wantedfor very annoying messages that prevent me productivity.The messages that keep appearing are:1. Spyware alert - security warning!Trojan.w32.looksky detected on your machine. This virus is distributed via the Internet through email and active-x objects. Click yes to remove immediately.If I click yes it will take me to www.pcsecu ~~~ removed2. Windows Security AlertWindows has detected an Internet attack attempt...Somebody is trying to infect your PC with spyware or harmful viruses. Click here to downloadspyware removal for total protection.If I click it will take meto www.safer ~~~ removed3. A GIF image replaced my backround with a red picture that says your privacy is in danger. Download privacy protection software now.If I click the biutton it takes me to www.securep ~~~ removedThe properties for the red backround is file:///C:/WINDOWS/privacy_danger/images/spacer.gifCan someone please tell me how to eliminate all of this?f

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Hi!please follow the instruction at: then post your HijackThis Log to: experts will help you to remove the infections.Cheers,Fax

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    Default Re: Help - nasty spyware/virus!!!

    Does it say PCCleaner 2006 or PCCleaner 2007?

    It is adware and will create false reports of the PC infected with troyans. The only real infection is this adware itself. There is more than likely no real troyans on the PC.

    Adware of this usually installs by a drive-by from bad sites and only can infect the PC through the Internet Explorer (Firefox and Opera are both immune).Using the ZA Privacy will help stop such infections but it must be used and properly.

    Google "pccleaner + remove" and usually sites such as bleepingcomputer or sunbelt or many of the antivirus vendors or castlecops will have good advice or solutions or correct manual removal instructions. Do the same for the other infections. Take a look at the last three links in my signature for some helps and self-help.


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