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    amethyst Guest

    Default "Message Center" popup

    This popup first appeared yesterday at the bottom right hand corner of my desktop. It was gray with a blue border, had an icon in the upper left corner with what looked like a conversation bubble. It simply said Message Center. There was a button for options. Inside the box it said a critical security update is available, and there was a 'more information' link to click on.

    I had no idea what this was or where it came from so of course I wasn't about to click on anything other than the x in the upper right corner to close the box.

    I scanned the computer with both ZA and another product and it came up clean. The popup appeared again today. This time I left it there and went searching on Google. Yesterday I had seen Real Player mentioned on Google as being the possible culprit, so I googled that, and the icon does match Real Player. Here is a link to one discussion. WARNING: there is a link within this discussion that posters there are warning NOT to click on.

    I don't use Real Player. Possibly a web page I used may or may not have played a music clip with it. I listened to a song excerpt a long time ago on and it opened a little player, not sure if it was Real or not. I haven't used Real Player in years, as back on my old computer I found Real to be a bit obnoxious, wanting to take over as my default media player when that is not what I wanted, always wanting to run in the background on bootup, and so on. (QuickTime used to do that, too, and I did not like that either.)

    I do have Real installed on this computer, but I don't even want to open it to disable notification options because I'm afraid that'll set Real to try the same old stunts as in the past--taking over as default media player, starting up and running with my other startup programs, etc.

    Is anyone else seeing this popup? One person who posted at the link I mentioned above seemed to think this is malicious, not the real thing.


    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:6.5
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: "Message Center" popup - Real Player

    It sounds real, there has has been recent valid news of 'Real player' flaws/bugs - check this - . The best thing to do is check out Real player's website and find out the true story and what fixes they recommend. You can search within the major pc website's like , and to find the latest news of such vulnerabilities. Options, installing 'their' new fixed version or proper un-install of your Real player - tip there is
    a 'somewhat hidden'
    file/program that needs to be un-checked before un-install, or it will remain - find the proper un-install instructions.<hr>NaiveMelody NYC 11-7-07 - Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing - Marvin Gaye &amp; Tammi Terrell

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    amethyst Guest

    Default Re: "Message Center" popup

    Thanks for the information, NaiveMelody. I read that PC World article. I had no idea that this was going on with Real Player. Real came preinstalled on my PC, and in the nearly 2 years that I've had the PC, I haven't given the program any thought up until now, but it looks like I should do so.

    I've put some restrictions on Real Player with the ZA firewall in the program control list and I haven't had the popup appear since then. I also haven't had any alerts about it at any time. Interestingly, though, I did have some spy site items appear on my list in ZASS, and I've never seen anything show up there before. These items were all related to one particular web site, a site where there was a message forum containing a discussion of the Message Center popups, and it appeared to be ZA blocking something in the web site's banner ad. I don't know if these events are at all related, as ZA was not providing anymore information.

    Anyway, I'll do more checking into it.

    Thanks again!


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