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    Default not-a-virus:AdTool.Win32.Zango.e

    How to remove 'not-a-virus:AdTool.Win32.Zango.e
    ' can any 1 tell me plz

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Antivirus

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    Default Re: not-a-virus:AdTool.Win32.Zango.e

    AdTool.Win32.Zango.e is specifically described and detailed.

    Zango and 180 solutions are the very same. This has many other names and many web sites and URLs. It installs a bad activeX and does the users tracking and if just major piece is missed in the cleanup, it will return once again. Bad piece of adware that simply stays and keeps going on.

    First try the uninstall in the Add/Remove of the Control panel. Also remove it in the Addons in the Tools of the Internet Explorer.
    Then download and update and run these two on-demand freeware scanners:
    [*]here[*]and here

    Then use these as guides for manual cleanups for remmants or as a reference:
    [*]this one is important! see here[*]here[*]or here


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