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Thread: vsmom.exe.chode - malware relic?

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    roseq Guest

    Default vsmom.exe.chode - malware relic?


    I've been running ZA Pro 7.0.302.000 on a Windows XP Pro system for about the past year, and everything seems to be working fairly smoothly. At one point, however, in trying to figure out why a process called vsmon was showing up in the Task Manager and hitting pretty heavy on the memory and CPU, I checked for vsmon files on my computer using the Windows Search Assistant. I've since found a fix for the CPU issue, but have been wondering about a couple of files that turned up in the search:

    C:\Windows\System32\vsmonapi.dll.chode and C:\Windows\System32\Zone Labs\vsmon.exe.chode

    There doesn't seem to be any info on these in the process library websites I've checked.

    Last winter, when I started working on security issues here, I found an older, apparently disabled version of Zone Alarm on the computer. I did try to follow the instructions from the forum to remove all traces of old versions of ZA before installing a new ZA firewall, but maybe I missed these files. They show a 2004 date created, while my other vsmon files are dated 2006 or 2007. None of the other security software I've got installed (AVG 7.5 Free, Spybot, AdAware SE and Webroot Spysweeper) detects the files as malware though.

    So, does anyone know what these files are? Otherwise, I'm going to try to put them in a zipped folder and send them to Zone Alarm. I'd like to get this figured out before I install the next version. Thanks!


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    amethyst Guest

    Default Re: vsmom.exe.chode - malware relic?

    I'm far from being an expert here, but I don't like that double extension on those 2 files you mentioned, and I don't like that word "chode". I did a google search for 'files ending with a .chode extension', and information about malware popped up, although I couldn't find anything at all related specifically to the name of the 2 files here.

    You can have scan each of these files. It would also be a good idea to zip them and send them to ZA tech support, as you said. There are also other online virus scanners you can use to scan your whole system (shut off your AVG for the duration of the scan), although I don't know if the names will get through this forum's filters...but I'll try anyway, it might be OK since you're not using ZA's antivirus anyway. ;-) P a n d a; H o u s e c a l l; B i t d e f e n d e r. Those are the 3 I know of, all good.


    ZoneAlarm Security Suite version:6.5.737.000
    TrueVector version:6.5.737.000
    Driver version:6.5.737.000
    Anti-virus Vet engine version:
    Anti-virus signature DAT file version:31.1.5483.000
    Anti-spyware engine version:
    Anti-spyware signature DAT file version:01.200801.3215
    AntiSpam version:

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