Sometime ago I disabled my Zonealarm and Juno pop up blocker inorder to take a job hiring
test for a company, they said to disable any firewalls and pop up blockers because they might not allow the test to load properly. After completing the test I restarted my computer and I noticed a little glitch in the system like something just popped into my computer but I didn't know what it was. The next day I had some icons on my main screen that had to do with antivirus and spyware programs which I never put there. I deleted them.
I started getting my computer telling me my system has been attacked with spyware and malware. The biggest error message was that I had a virus by the name Worm.Win32Netsky on my machine this is a virus distributed via the internet through email and active x objects. The worm has its own SMTP engine which gathers emails from my computer and re-distributes itself, causing attackers to access my computer stealing passwords and personal data.
I keep running Spybot to get rid of the spyware and malware and a host of other problems, along with running a version of AVG antivirus program which always comes up with nothing.
How do I get rid of this virus? It's only activated when I go into
emails.Upon startup of my computer I get a dialog box stating "Winn\system32\ that appears everytime also I'm thinking a hacker has taken over my computer with some type of generic host processor and is messing with my system.
Can someone please help me with this problem or Is my computer doomed!!!!

Operating System:Windows 2000 Pro
Software Version:5.x
Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)