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Thread: getting anti-virus NOD32 warning that latest release is infected

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    skulker Guest

    Default getting anti-virus NOD32 warning that latest release is infected

    Hello,I have tried about 5 times in past 7-10 days to download the new zlSetup_70_462_000_en[1].exeEach time I get a NOD32 antivirus system warning on their AMON which is file system monitor.It says 'Threat Detected: a variant of Win32/AdInstaller application'"event occurred on a new file created by the application: C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe.The file was moved to quarantine. You may close this window"
    If I was using a free antivirus product or even a Symantec one, I would think I may have a false positive.But NOD32 from is such a superior product, I am paranoid. I am afraid to try to installnew ZL release. I wrote Eset to see if they are getting other complaints but they haven't responded.
    Is anyone getting this, or heard of this?
    I don't even know if NOD32 would allow me to execute the packageif I tried to.Actually the download into my Install folder never completes because the quarantined file is moved.
    Thank you for any help!!

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm (Free)

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default SpyBlocker/ Ask.Toolbar) detected in current ZA Free 7.0.462

    There is an issue with the new antispyware SpyBlocker/
    in ZA Free 7.0.0462 XP/2000 - only.The " search

    is recognised by
    some anti-spyware/anti-virus tools as "adware"/ ad installer/toolbar. It is not really 'bad malware' per se, it is
    an ordinary 'search engine' that will show ads (within the search results page)
    - just like Google, Microsoft Live search, Yahoo, AOL/google search engines, etc. [no ads in the toolbar itself ]<hr>So the question will be: during the install of ZA Free 7.0.462 - you will have the option to install with this new SpyBlocker/ search Toolbar or you can install without. If you choose to install, you would have to press &quot;always ignore&quot; or &quot;whitelist/ safe list&quot; for detections by your anti-spy/anti-virus software. Again, this is not really &quot;bad malware.&quot;<hr>If you do install the toolbar it will add a space in the top menu area with a small search box - by - that's in addition to your regular default search engine choice. For instance: for my IE 7 web browser I have 'google' as my default search engine at the top right; the search engine will be 'an additional' search box in the row below - separate and unaffected by either search engines. It is always an option/choice to use.
    You may show it or you may remove &quot;from view&quot; = removed from view but still exists = not deleted, yet by going to &gt;Tools &gt; Toolbars&gt; and unchecking/ or checking
    this toolbar. You can also decide to remove/delete it altogether, with the Add/ Remove of Windows. Your choice.<hr>
    ZoneAlarm Free 7.0.462 XP/ 2000 - only: comes with &quot;an otptional install&quot; ZoneAlarm SpyBlocker which includes the ASK TOOLBAR. If you do not wish to have a toolbar installed un-check the box upon installation. If you would later change your mind, you now have the option to download it free - 'just only the SpyBlocker/ &quot;Ask&quot; Toolbar - alone - click here &gt;
    = you can actually add this by itself to
    any pc/laptop regardless of which version of ZoneAlarm product you have or even not have = this is a 'free' download for anybody.

    <hr>Related subject matter &gt;<hr>skulker, if you don't mind - you can send a e-mail to eset web site - explaining what I've told you - reporting it as a &quot;false positive."<hr>NaiveMelody NYC 2-2-08 - MMMBop - Hanson

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    skulker Guest

    Default Re: SpyBlocker/ Ask.Toolbar) detected in current ZA Free 7.0.462

    Thank you much for the info.
    I will forward info to .
    I still have problem of it quarantining download to my Install directory, ie. NOD32 intercepts the download and quarantines it into an eset folder. So I don't know how to run the
    update.........Maybe I will do a Run from the ZA site instead of a Download............

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: SpyBlocker/ Ask.Toolbar) detected in current ZA Free 7.0.462

    With minimal risk, you have the option to install ZA Free 462 but with
    NOD av temporarily turned- off just prior to ZA download, how does that sound? If you believe you can just do a ZA download without the av on -temporarily - you may be able to get it done; or with a &quot;save to desktop installer&quot; method. Have you also tried to 'whitelist/safelist' that particular detection by NOD, since you have tried before?<hr>NaiveMelody NYC 2-4-08 - Papa Don't Preach - Madonna

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