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Thread: New Trojan?

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    nonne Guest

    Default New Trojan?

    I am new here, but I would like to ask what this is:


    I get an alert from ZoneAlarm every time I start Internet Explorer (which I myself do not use very often, but my grandchildren do. This cannot be deleted until I restart the computer, and I cannot find it in the net to see what it really is. The alert says it is a high risk trojan.

    Grateful for any help.

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    Hi!where exactly is the infection detected? Go to ZA Alerts&Logs --> Log Viewer --> Alert type antivirus --> Select the detection and look down in the box "Entry details"You can right click on the box and copy/paste the content.Is the browser set to a partcular homepage? May be its an infected webpage that is triggering the detection.Or it is an infection that resides on your Java cache. SimplyTry to clean your Java cache folder, the location of this folder usually is: C:\Documents and Settings\<user_name>\Application Data\Sun\Java\Deployment\cache\If you don't find the cache folder you could use utilities that cleans out temp folders for you ( you are on the latest version of Java Virtual Machine. We are at version 6 update 4.And if you are a licensed user of ZA you can contact the ZA technical support free of charge: Cheers,Fax

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    nonne Guest

    Default Re: New Trojan?

    Hi Fax,

    thanks a lot. It appears when starting Internet Explorer. Usually I use Firefox and I have the same start page for both browsers, but it does only appear when starting IE. Firefox seems to go free for it. That's what makes me wonder. And if I recall correctly it started after I got an update for IE, which I installed. But as I could not change the start page in the new version I removed the update.

    But I will try you suggestion to get rid of it.


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    sharlanna Guest

    Default Re: New Trojan?

    Discovered this same trojan myself on some sites I designed. Went into the server and found that websites were hacked into back on January 2nd over many servers. Malicious javascript code was added at the end of the index.htm/html file that generates Trojan-Downloader.JS.Agent.bbi if you visit that page.

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    nonne Guest

    Default Re: New Trojan?

    Thank you Sharlanna.

    I will immediately see if this is the case here too.

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    nonne Guest

    Default Re: New Trojan?

    Hi Sharlanna

    it was exactly what had happened to my sites too. Thank you for letting me know. Now I have got rid of it (I think).

    Best wishes


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