Location : F:\System Volume Information\_restore{4188E579-32EF-4A05-BAC6-D093318516DE}\RP15\A0001893.exe

Infected by : Win32.Trojan.VB.bho

Strangely this is detected by Antispyware of ZA PRO. Not even by Kaspersky AV

F drive is one of two in my second HDD which I use for backup and permanent storage. I have system restore off for all drives (only to save space).
OS : Win XP SP2.
ZA PRO 6.5.
Kaspersky AV7.

Problem is I cannot see F:\System Volume Information in windows explorer or by anywhere so that I have a look what is more there so that I can delete manually. That trojan is quarantined by ZA successfully.

Thanks for help.