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Thread: Win32.Trojan.VB.bho

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    jenaguru Guest

    Default Win32.Trojan.VB.bho

    Location : F:\System Volume Information\_restore{4188E579-32EF-4A05-BAC6-D093318516DE}\RP15\A0001893.exe

    Infected by : Win32.Trojan.VB.bho

    Strangely this is detected by Antispyware of ZA PRO. Not even by Kaspersky AV That trojan is quarantined by ZA successfully.

    F drive is one of two in my second HDD which I use for backup and permanent storage. I have system restore off for all drives (only to save space).
    OS : Win XP SP2.
    ZA PRO 6.5.
    Kaspersky AV7.

    Problem is I cannot see F:\System Volume Information in windows explorer or by anywhere so that I have a look what is more there so that I can delete manually. Also I want to free up space in my F drive as much as possible.

    Thanks for help.

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    watcher Guest

    Default Re: Win32.Trojan.VB.bho

    Dear jenaguru:

    This is a restore point. It should have been deleted when you turned off System Restore. Right click the System Volume Information folder, then click Properties. Click the Security tab. You will see why you cannot access this folder normally. It only lists the System account for NTFS permissions. Click the Add button, then the Advanced button in the Select Users or Groups dialog box that opens, then the Find Now button in the 2nd dialog box that opens. Find your user account and select it, click OK, then OK again. Make sure your account has Full Control permissions then click OK. You can now right click the folder again and click Delete.

    Hope this helps.


    P.S. If you cannot see this in Windows Explorer, click Tools menu within same, then Folder Options. Click the View tab, scroll down to Hidden files and folders section, then enable, Show hidden files and folders, then click OK. Hit F5 to refresh if necessary and you should be able to perform the procedure for deleting the restore point.

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