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Thread: More Malware?

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    clearone Guest

    Default More Malware?

    Today (Feb 16/08) I have found some new programs that have recently appeared (Feb 8-9) xrun.exe, xpre.exe, snapsnet.exe, wilnes.exe,winihfh.exe,wingwmy.exe --- I found them all in my ZA programs list. with the autolearn, and ?marks in the trusted and internet columns. If these are to be deleted, can I just highlight them - delete them, and then delete them from my recyle bin? or should I just put the Kill sign on them in my ZA antivirus program list? I have done a scan this a.m. and have some new quarentines.

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Antivirus

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    Hi!check their location... right click of the mouse and select "properties"..If you are not sure about them, just upload to Cheers,Fax

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    naivemelody Guest

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    My suggestions
    &quot;Kill&quot; these programs:1 - xrun.exe - see/ click here &gt;<hr>2 - xpre.exe -<hr>3 -
    snapsnet.exe -<hr>The following
    three not certain yet; but are highly suspect (in association with the three above) - red x them for now until you/ we gather more info on them. Do not &quot;Remove&quot;
    from program list - this only removes from the list - not delete from the pc, as you believe. Only &quot;Kill&quot; - renders them 'neutralized'.
    <hr>4 - wilnes.exe - ??.
    trust level ? - red x -all<hr>5 - winihfh.exe - ??. trust level ? - red x - all<hr>6 - wingwmy.exe - ??. trust level
    ? - red x -
    all<hr>see/ click here &gt;
    - my suggestion &gt; change Auto Learn to &quot;High&quot;<hr><hr>You do have a malware infection. You tried Lavasoft's Ad-Aware and it found nothing. I would suggest you un-install Lavasoft {sorry about that and Spybot - if you have that, too = these two anti-spyware programs are rather low/ mediocre software
    }. And instead get a better performing antispyware that will cost; but in the long run - be better for you. It's Webroot's plain Anti-spyware software - see/ click here &gt;
    . &lt; for a free trial/ scan.<hr>&gt;
    <hr>Second suggestion - use the free services of a spyware removal forum. These dedicated 'specialists' will provide &quot;expert&quot; help.<p align="center">Visit a spyware removal forum &lt;&lt;&lt;<div align="center">

    <p align="center">Once you've cleaned your PC as best you can, visit one of the following spyware removal forums:<div align="center">SpywareInfo<a target="_blank" href="">
    </a>Spybot S&amp;D<a target="_blank" href="">

    </a>Aumha<a target="_blank" href="">

    </a>SpywareBeware<a target="_blank" href="">

    </a>Bleeping Computer<a target="_blank" href="">

    </a>Spyware Warrior<a target="_blank" href="">
    </a>CastleCops<a target="_blank" href="">

    </a>Tech Support Guy<a target="_blank" href="">

    </a><p align="center">TomCoyote<a target="_blank" href="">
    </a><div align="center"><hr><div align="center">Follow the instructions for posting a HijackThis! log<div align="center">Most of the above forums will request that you post a HijackThis! log. HijackThis! (HJT) is a free program that will scan key system settings on your PC and generate a plain text log that you can copy and paste into a post. The volunteers at the above forums will examine that HJT log and recommend a course of action to fix your PC. HijackThis! can be downloaded from HERE<a target="_blank" href="">.
    </a><p align="center">Each forum has its own set of instructions and procedures for requesting help and posting a HJT log, so abide by the requirements of the forum you're visiting. Also, do not attempt to use HJT on your own to fix problems. Let one of the expert volunteers examine your HJT log and advise you on what to fix.<p align="center"><hr>Third suggestion: install PCTools ThreatFire - click here &gt;;lang=en
    and forget about the free SpywareDoctor = as this is a limited protection version and it has more conflicts/ problems running with ZA firewalls and with Kaspersky av - Webroot is a bit more tolerable} [ if you do install Webroot Anti-Spyware-plain - tip &gt; shut off the &quot;E-Mail Attachment Shield&quot; = this is already covered by ZA's av and will conflict if left on]<hr>:8}NaiveMelody NYC 2-17-08 - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction - The Rolling Stones

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