Hello Z.A.

First, I'd like to thank the technician who helped me last!
(I'm too tired now, to go looking for my previous issue...sorry!).
Irregardless, the suggestion to download the new a.v. engine, solved my problems!
I salute his professionalism, comments, and suggestions.
This NEXT question should be a no-brainer.

First, I will state my original question: Where are the 'quarantined' files STORED???
After reading one of your other users questions, I chose ANTI-VIRUS/ANTI-SPAM as indicated...then, chose the QUARANTINE TAB.
The locations were in my C:\WINNT\System32 directory.
As in, I take it when an item is quarantined with Z.A., it is NOT MOVED anywhere??
Presuming that this is correct, I must say ....are you guys crazy!!??
What is so difficult about making a QUARANTINE directory where they should be put after being 'fixed', and/or 'not-fixed'???
What REALLY irks me, is the fact that there seems to be NO WAY (at least not using the G.U.I.) of C H A N G I N G the location of \WINNT\System32, which apparently is the default location!!!! :\.
I'm reluctant to poking around .cfg , .ini, files for the default-path location, 1) because it might likely be a binary file that I can't easily modify anyway, AND 2) You guy's should've put this option into the program in the FIRST place!!!
I just don't like the idea of having 'quarantined' *.bat files with random-letter-names, scattered all over my \WINNT\System32 directory.
(Kind of like....killing a WHOLE lot of roaches in your bathroom, and just leaving them where you stomped on 'em, huh?.
That's what it feels like when I peruse my \WINNT\System32 directory!!!!!
Tell your developers that.
They'll giggle a bit, I bet.
....Anyway, the new engine Rox, and is MUCH faster to connect to the D.S.L. link!
Also, no more un-wanted automatic-updates.
Thanks, Z.A.!!!

If anyone working/reading this or previous posting, was saying how Windows 2000 Pro is so outdated, and not up to speed, they probably haven't realized just how more 'bloated' XP-Pro/Vista are.
This machine is likely not EVER going to be upgraded above 256 MB RAM!!!

Win2K is a solid-working/proven O.S. and it's S M A L L .

Operating System:Windows 2000 Pro
Software Version:
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite