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Thread: Backdoor.ProRat.19 trojan or false positive

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    Default Backdoor.ProRat.19 trojan or false positive

    Dear All,Newbie posting. I run ZASS 7, fully updated. Windows XP, two computers on a powerline network. 7 days ago ran a deep spyware scan. Both computers showed


    trojan. I quarantined it. I also run the free version of AdAware and spybot. When I quarantined it Spybot told me that there was a registry change for SrePrev or something similar (sorry, can't remember name fully) asking to delete it. I had read that this trojan would add to the registry so I allowed the delete again on both computers. Interestingly when I tried to update AdAware 2 days later there was an error, again both computers. Today the AdAware on one computer
    updated normally. The other computer is unplugged for decorating!!I have e-mailed ZA 48 hours ago through the SmartDefense area but no reply yet, no acknowledgement, so not sure if it got through.Is it likely that I have a trojan on both computers or is it likely to be a false positive with conflicts between ZA and AdAware?Any help would be appreciated. I am at best an enthusiastic amateur though interested so don't blind me with science please!
    Thanks in anticipation,GMD

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    Default Re: Backdoor.ProRat.19 trojan or false positive

    the only way to know is to restore the files and upload it to
    It is usually better to avoid running the ZA antispyware in deep scan mode unless you have an active infection.

    Also when reporting false positive/malware you should detail the file detected.
    You can find the details in the ZA log&alerts tab.

    EDIT: And adaware and SpybotS&D are not anymore good software to have on your system and their active guards can conflict with ZA.
    Better to remove them. If you want a second opinion of a spyware scanner you can try the free superantispyware (


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