Dear All,Newbie posting. I run ZASS 7, fully updated. Windows XP, two computers on a powerline network. 7 days ago ran a deep spyware scan. Both computers showed


trojan. I quarantined it. I also run the free version of AdAware and spybot. When I quarantined it Spybot told me that there was a registry change for SrePrev or something similar (sorry, can't remember name fully) asking to delete it. I had read that this trojan would add to the registry so I allowed the delete again on both computers. Interestingly when I tried to update AdAware 2 days later there was an error, again both computers. Today the AdAware on one computer
updated normally. The other computer is unplugged for decorating!!I have e-mailed ZA 48 hours ago through the SmartDefense area but no reply yet, no acknowledgement, so not sure if it got through.Is it likely that I have a trojan on both computers or is it likely to be a false positive with conflicts between ZA and AdAware?Any help would be appreciated. I am at best an enthusiastic amateur though interested so don't blind me with science please!
Thanks in anticipation,GMD

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite