That's what I thought about those virusheat and spyhunter. That was my feeling by intuition from my 25 years of experience in IT industry. 2 days ago I got the same problem on my note pc. Telus
anti-virus software does not
scan through the whole files by stopping
before 50% of scan.

Now we are
entering into the new profitable virus software
business model, kind of web robbery or drug dealing.
You make
to spread out the viruses by your
joint company and you sell the clinic. That was our concern from the first stage of virus and anti-virus software industry. Always
anti-virus companies can be motivated to produce virus programs.

Spyhunter and Virusheat may be working together. Once I want to work like that to make money, I can have
perfect ideas to
make perfect business model. That was what I learned during attempting to remove Virusheat.

Anyway, I need to remove the Anti Spyware Sheild from my pc without help of Spyhunter. Any suggestion you have learned from your experience.

James J / Canada