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Thread: Malware Stopping Paste Function?

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    Default Malware Stopping Paste Function?

    Suddenly Microsoft paste no longer works.
    I tried to find a fix and only came across some allusions to quarantined malware causing the problem. I'd paste it here, but I can't! Any ideas?TIA,Christine

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    Default Re: Malware Stopping Paste Function?

    Open the Internet Explorer (these need to use activeX) and do the following online scans (free and effective):

    http://www.b it de fend 8/ie.html

    {url is spaced to by forum filters, please type in the address bar of the browser with no spaces)

    Then one at a time download, install and update these freeware (nice applications). Then run each.

    I would give more advice, but you omitted your OS with SP's and the ZA version and release numbers. More specifc advice can not be given.
    But you still should use your resident antivirus in the safe mode for an extra detection/removal scan.

    Best regard.
    Best regards.

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