I run ZA Security Suite, current version, with daily virus definition updates.
Yesterday afternoon
I installed a large program that included an installation for a licensed security dongle that must be plugged in via the USB port to start the program.

This morning's scan detected this "trojan":
and it said it was in C:\WINDOWS\dzinst.exe.
I've tried Googling both the "trojan" name and the dzinst.exe file and can't find any mention of either anywhere.

Has anyone heard of these?
I'm wondering if this is another false/positive that may be related to the new program install.
Tech support for the program couldn't find the file and says it's not related.
This puzzles me.....why is it that when ZA detects a virus/trojan and we click on the "more info" link it
often says
"nothing found"??

Since ZA detected it using their virus/trojan definitions, you'd think there
about it on that site.
If I was to send this file to be analysed.......I don't have winzip, but I can zip files using
the zip program
included in Windows XP.
Does anyone know if
can password protect
the zipped file?

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite