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Thread: Trojan detected when PDF converter 5 Pro installed

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    orakidd Guest

    Default Trojan detected when PDF converter 5 Pro installed

    when i install
    Nuance PDF Converter 5 Pro program ZASS detects the Trojan.win32.agent.lse.
    Then quarantines the msi installer file and you cannot install the program. I can
    install the program OK by turning off ZASS. Then after install the PDF program
    ZA virus checker picks up the same trojan and quarantines the msi file. The file listed as quarantined is--c/system volume information\_restore{f238db8-cbc6-45a9-8fc-eff7dc002c84}\rp28\a0002412.msi. Is this really a Trojan or a ZA error in detection? Thanks for help orakidd

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    jbmnc Guest

    Default Re: Trojan detected when PDF converter 5 Pro installed

    ZASS detected Trojan.win32.agent.lse in the system32, system64, and pdfpro5-r-8102.1.exe primary zip download file on my
    HD and on the back-up cd it burned,
    but it was 10 days after I installed the software.
    Download from Newegg and the install was on April 29.
    Detection by ZASS was on
    May 9 and I perform full HD scans daily.
    I spent two days trying to remove it including in system restore.
    I finally had to wipe the HD and bring back a stored backup image.
    I tried the various online scanning sites and the only one that picked it up was Kaspersky.
    According to them, they identified
    trojan.win32.agent.lse on May 7.
    I told Newegg about it and they are supposed to send me a link for a new download.
    Operating system:
    Windows XP Professional

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    jbmnc Guest

    Default Re: Trojan detected when PDF converter 5 Pro installed

    Try to install PDF Converter 5 Professional again.
    After blanking my HD, bringing back a previous boot drive image and updating all my software, I scanned the computer again at
    2 pm
    No virus.
    I downloaded the PDF 5 software again from Newegg and scanned the file.
    No Virus.
    I unzipped the file and scanned
    No Virus.
    I burned it to a CD and installed the software.
    No virus on the CD or my computer.
    I went back out on the internet to see if there was any more information on trojan.win32.agent.lse.
    Google came back with -0-.
    I went to Kaspersky.
    No virus by that name.
    I pulled the old CD out of the trash
    on which
    ZASS and Kaspersky both had
    foung three infected file.
    I reran ZASS.
    No virus.
    I suspect that this was a false positive.

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