Please bear with me as I am new to this.
I just downloaded and activated a new game from Big Fish Games Site.
First I had to shutdown my firewall to install it properly and then the ZoneAlarm needs to be shut off to play the game (Hells Kitchen).
When you click on the game with the firewall on, it shows a virus (backdoor.win32.bifrose.syk) has been detected.
When I contacted Big Fish Games Site they said that the firewall is likely preventing the game manager from contacting their servers in order to complete the download and licensing process.
The firewall
is falsely detecting the game as malware and that I need to "white list"
(sorry - don't know what this means??) the 3 applications bfgclient.exe, bfgprocess.exe, and bfggamesservices.exe.
They said to contact my
ZoneAlarm software support to do this but I couldn't find anyone to talk to being that it is Sunday, so I thought I would
try here.
Has anyone heard of this??
I really don't like turning off my ZoneAlarm even when I am not on the internet so how do I set it up so the game and me are happy.
Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite