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Thread: A-squared in Action

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    marinearo Guest

    Default A-squared in Action

    hi,Do a scan
    TODAY after 1st downloaded
    free a-squared.and found below
    files infected.
    But those were not detected by
    wondering how did they get into the system
    guarded by top firewall i.e:zaiss

    Packed.Win32.PePatch.qk. File:C:\Program\HP Games\Flip Words\FlipWords.exe

    Backdoor.Win32.Rbot.aeu. FileC:\program Files\HP Games\Lemonade Tycoon 2\Lemonade2.exe

    Trojan-Spy.Win.32.Pophot.aww. File:C:\program Files\HP Games\Mah Jong Quest\Mahjong.exe

    Backdoor.Wiin32.Wootbot.qen. File:C:\Program Files\HP Games\Otto\otto.exe

    these files are pre-installed by manufacturer. not from downloading.

    Please advise what am i supposed to do.

    thanks & regads

    os: vista home premium,

    Zaiss latest ver

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: A-squared in Action

    After you read this post I would strongely suggest you go to Emsisoft forums to 'verify/ confirm' your detections > they may be false positives. Click here >
    = A-squared free forum. sign-in and post your findings, give os -vista and other details of your detections.<hr>If they later declare it to be true, all I can say is that many pc manufacturers will load this extra 'bloat ware' that often includes games - games that often use processes/ activities that &quot;some&quot; anti-spy/ or anti-virus scanners will pick up as a type of 'malware.'Very good example - on my HP/ Compaq pc it came preloaded with &quot;Wild Tangent&quot; games - various games that some scanners will detect as malware. I never was interested in them, so I let any scanner detect and quarantine them; but there are people who do like to play these types of games - so let them.
    You can imagine
    these types of 'malware'
    are adware/ tracking and profiling you and will share with other third parties - but remember it is HP (the manufacturer) who is approving/ installing these types of software.<hr>Bottom line - do you want to play these games? If not, you may let A-square quarantine them or if you do want them - then make 'exceptions list/ white list' them.<hr>Personal sidenote: I used to have A-squared free, but after two years I have found more 'false positives' than real detections - everytime I had a detection I would immediately check their forums to verify - and it mostly 99% came up false. So I have recently square rooted A-square out of my pc; I do have other anti-spy so no great loss. { you'll see me in their forum posting detections &gt; false positives } <hr>:0NaiveMelody NYC 8-2-08 - Bang A Gong (Get It On) - T Rex

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    marinearo Guest

    Default Re: A-squared in Action

    Hi,Thanks for replySince I don't play games, Have
    deleted those infected files. You may be right, they are false positive because earlier days i have scanned my pc on daily basis and did not find anything. until
    yesterday a-squared detected. thanks for the link website will look into it.
    i have too many security tools in my pc, installed recently after some reading from this forums, and others,
    to have extra guardi guess m too much concern about pc security issue...parano..?
    I was thinking to get zaff today for extra security, but a bit hesitate due to za-tech support
    was unable to solve issue in a short time. i was having problem for 1st time user.
    expect their tech support to stand
    behind their product 7x24.

    wish if i could only rely only on one or two software vendor to secure my pc.
    I just installed a
    full version of a-squared free. hope it will play nice with others installed earlier.
    ---------------------------vista home premium,zaiss latest version - on
    a-squared - on realtimedefender turn off - on demand scannersass - on demand scanneradware - on demand scannerccleaner fre
    - active on start up

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    riceorony Guest

    Default Re: A-squared in Action


    I am the same as you when it comes to computer security, but like I've said before, follow a few simple rules and you'll be fine!

    1.) use a limited user-account, this prevents 99% of malware from getting installed (which require an admin. account or approval)
    2.) dont surf to the wild-blue yonder!

    If you maintain that you need an admin account then do this

    1.) have a software firewall, anti-virus, and anti-spyware (your ZA-ISS covers this)
    2.) have a secondary antispyware (superantispyware, or a-squared work well)
    3.) do some online scans like i mentioned before once a month or so if you've been actively downloading things
    4.) Do not plug directly into the cable/dsl modem. Please have a router or external NAT/SPI firewall between the box and your computer.

    If you have problems with ZAFF, please post in that forum section for assistance (I can help you through it if needed). ZA-Forcefield rocks!

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