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Thread: Win32.Downloader.Tiny.bpj.2

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    esrun Guest

    Default Win32.Downloader.Tiny.bpj.2

    Hey guys,

    Found win32.downloader.tiny.bpj.2 during a scan the other day. Using ZASS 7.0.483.000 any ideas about this? Can't find it anywhere. Should I delete? False positive? Thanks!

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:7.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    wilsonstark Guest

    Default Re: Win32.Downloader.Tiny.bpj.2

    I turned up this file tonight as well. Win32.Downloader.Tiny.bpj.2. I deleted it before I could submit it for review, but from the location it was found I think it is a part of the Stardock's Impulse software and/or their Impulse toolbar. It was in their folders at least and they were installed only yesterday. I don't know if it is a false positive or not. I am tempted to uninstall and reinstall Impulse to find out.

    If you have Impulse installed(which I imagine few people do aside from those who play Sins of Solar Empire) then that may solve our mystery. One does however wonder if a trojan got into their code or if it is a Kapersky false positive.

    I should note, by the way, I found it running a totally maxed scan.


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    wilsonstark Guest

    Default Re: Win32.Downloader.Tiny.bpj.2

    I had clean rescans after deleting from quarantine, but then just out of curiosity I repaired the installation of Impulse and restarted, and this is being found again. It is the mia.lib file within the user preferences for Impulse. I've submitted it as a probably false positive to Checkpoint but I thought it best also to uninstall Impulse for the time being. Not like I use it for anything except updates for Sins.


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    boblouder Guest

    Default Re: Win32.Downloader.Tiny.bpj.2

    ZASS 8 found it today
    during a Deep Scan.
    I don't use Impulse software and have a recently formatted computer with
    limited number
    of programs loaded at this time.
    When Dell was helping me, one of their techs helped me with an issue and took over my PC remotely.
    He did that through\somenumber
    (another tech used the Dell Connect site when helping remotely).
    The name of the Spyware would lead me to
    suspect that I got it at that time.
    Anybody have thoughts on
    I'd like to know from some tech gurus.
    I've seen other techs reference using that site.
    It is my understanding that it saves time ... a shortcut.

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    wilsonstark Guest

    Default Re: Win32.Downloader.Tiny.bpj.2

    Interesting. I replicated my experience, which left me almost sure it was Impulse, but maybe not.

    I too am running a reinstalled Windows on a newly formatted hard disk. Weirdness. I'm not a Dell though.

    I might have used tiny url recently though, I know some of the folks I follow on twitter use it due to character restrictions.

    Tiny URL is always a bit of a risk because you don't know what it links to, but it's not compromised per se. If the Dell tech support guy was a legit tech support guy, it is really unlikely he gave you a link to malware.


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