not sure where I picked these up, but my computer has some big-time bug issues.

ZA 7 does detect and quarantine these rootkits (there may be at least 1 more!), butwhen q'tined or removed they just keep coming back; greatly impairing operations.
rootkit revealer verifies, but haven't found anything that will remove them. (for free, that is)would the ZA techies like to have a remote look at my pc to see about these roorkits and how to eliminate them?or, could you tell me how to do so?
cannot even get chkdsk to run!!
says something to the effect:"autocheck will not proceed as "something - the disk" is RAW"
how can the system even run if it isn't being recognized as NTFS??
and isn't RAW something to do with a photo file format?
don't think it even existed as such back in the win2K days (?)
I may just be forced into installing that shrink-wrapped XP Pro I got on ebay > 1 yr ago...I will probably be doing that to get ver 8 to run, and also, that Forcefield thing sounds pretty cool.
thanks to ZA, my pc is at least barely functioning, anyway!

Operating System:Windows 2000 Pro
Software Version:7.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite