The problem of viruses blocking access to antivirus sityes seems to grow more prevelant. After many failed attempts, or only partial fixes this is the procedure that seems to work the best is:

1) Run a bootable antivirus CD. Scan and remove.
2) Run HiJackThis and remove anything that doesn t look right. (Anything with DNS)
3) Disable DNS Client service and disable HOST files.
4) You should now be able to update your favorite antivirus programs and do additional scans. For additional help, see below

1) Run a bootable antivirus disk and perform a virus scan outside of the Windows environment. This prevents those pesky critters from hiding or fooling your antivirus programs. I use **bleep**s Rescue CD. You can download it here:

Since it s an image of a CD, you need a program that burns CD images. You can find them everywhere, but an easy to use free one is here:

Additional help with this can be found here:**bleep**-r...tion-features/

2) HiJackThis is a tiny program that examines vulnerable or suspect parts of your system. Don't check off an item and hit the Fix Checked button unless you're sure it's malware. You can cause problems if you remove wrong items. If you re not sure, usually forum support help groups can examine your log and help you from there. You can download it here:

3) I nice little program that helps you both disable DNS Client Service and examine Host files is HostsMan. Install and run it. The green H disables Hosts. You can download it here:

Hope this helps.