I have the ZA Internet Suite and Spybot running.
A few days ago a ZA alert popped up that 2 active threats were found.
Both were: Trojan.Win32.Agent.atgf
with the only difference being their paths.
Both were in the c:\windows\system32\svschost.exe

The other one: svA

the "A" had an accent over it.
I did a complete scan and ZA found and quarrantined and deleted the files.
But I'm still having major problems.

-Even though Spybot shows it running in the system tray and in the Processes, it will not open.-ZA cannot connect to the update server- I get redirected to other sites if I research the Spywareguard 2008 topic as well as others.
-I cannot connect to the Zonealarm website either.
(I am using another PC in my home).-I have downloaded various malware removal programs that were advised in this forum and in
Castlecops, but even though they appear in the task manager Processes, I cannot see them, similar
to the issue with Spybot.

I have Hijackthis on that PC and am able to produce a log if that helps.
I can also post screen caps from that PC also.
thanks for any help!

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite