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Thread: Internet Explorer 7 as keylogger

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    jasimon Guest

    Default Internet Explorer 7 as keylogger

    Recently one of my machines had ZASS tell me that when I started Internet Explorer 7, that it was trying to be a keylogger. This occurred several more times in the day. In each case I clicked "Deny."

    However, it is not reproducible 100%, as when I just tried it, it did not warn me.

    Any ideas what would cause this?

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re: Internet Explorer 7 is attempting to monitor user activities?

    If you read the alert carefully, does it
    'really' say that ZA found a 'keylogger' in Microsoft/InternetExplorer - &quot;it says the activities could monitor/log keystrokes, mouse movements and may interfere with privacy&quot; (some words to that effect). If this is the case it could fall into two categories; the most likely - if you had recently updated IE (and there was a recent Microsoft security update of IE) &gt; then it is benign.<hr>Click here &gt;<hr>Usually with these Microsoft/ IE
    updates - ZA will reset IE in program control to &quot; ? ? &quot;
    [sometimes hindering proper IE access]
    (until the user adjusts them back),or there may be some ZA alerts of new components (which needs to 'be allowed'), or ZA will give a &quot; IE7 is attempting to monitor user activities, the activities could monitor/log keystrokes and may interfere with privacy.&quot;
    And usually there is a need to &quot;restart&quot; the pc. Some folks who have &quot;auto- Microsoft updates&quot; and are not there to monitor and approve/ click 'allow'
    the ms updates and ZA alerts
    may have 'some issues.'<hr>The &quot;monitoring of keystrokes&quot; = is the normal Microsoft &quot;auto-fill/ auto-complete&quot; that we all use; when you fill out forms, IE will normally fill out the most common info. - examples&gt;
    it remembers/
    fills out your: zip code, home address, name, your most commonly used 'search engine' list, log-in passwords, etc. - so here the 'keylogging' is to your benefit - not malware/ bad.<hr><hr>The less probably and least favorable meaning... there is some malware hiding in your IE; malware toolbars, adware, etc. - you may want to run some anti-virus/ anti-spyware scans and/ or run some on-line additional scanners or install some scanners. Click here &gt;
    &lt; there are many scanners listed thru-out this board.

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    jasimon Guest

    Default Re: Internet Explorer 7 is attempting to monitor user activities?

    Excellent response!

    The reason I took notice of this one: normally when trusted components are updated, there is a certain type of ZA warning which comes up, of a somewhat generic type. This is the first time I recall seeing this particular warning, giving more detail about specific actions that the &quot;suspicious&quot; program could take.

    So it was just a different warning, which properly got my attention.


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