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Thread: Trojan horse turned off Zone Alarm

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    findley Guest

    Default Re: Trojan horse turned off Zone Alarm

    <blockquote><hr>confusediam wrote:
    Thanks, I've made a note of those for future reference.
    I managed to get a computer expert friend of my dad in to have a look yesterday. After telling him all of the information I had gathered here he spent a few hours sorting it out, getting back AVG &amp; Zone Alarm &amp; automatic updates, so thanks everyone you have been very helpful. :8} It would have taken me alot longer than four hours, but I'd probably already spent that amount of time trying to find the answers and reinstalling the software only for it to give me error messages I didn't understand. :robotindifferent:
    You are welcome and glad to hear you are up and running againHave a good oneFindley

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    riceorony Guest

    Default Re: McAfee Artemis


    Actually, AVG (like Oldsod said) recently attacked multiple good files including Windows files. This rendered the computer inoperable and because of this AVG was giving out free yearly subscriptions to people affected to ease their anger.

    It is quite possible that you were affected by this.

    However, you are welcome to post your HiJackThis! log here for me to analyze it if you need.


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    Default Re: McAfee Artemis

    A good place to get an answer concerning the AVG detections and removal is at the AVG forum.
    There used to be two forums - one for the paid users and one for the free users.
    I have no idea if this is still done at the AVG forums.

    Best regards.

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