This program enables a remote user to control your computer. It runs in the background and opens a back door on your computer. The back door allows an unauthorized remote user to connect to and access your computer, circumventing your computer's security. When you connect to the internet, this program notifies the remote user that your computer is vulnerable. This program may also have built-in tools used to manage your files, run executables on your computer, control your mouse and CD tray, screens, and retrieve passwords, keystroke, and screen shots.

How dangerous is it?


This program enables a remote user access to your entire computer and everything on it.


This program is a major security threat. The program includes server software that allows a remote user to connect to your computer and have complete access and control over it.

What should I do?

It is recommended that you delete this application immediately because it constitutes security and privacy risks, and has no known usefulness.

Also I Have ZoneAlarm ForceField & Pc-Tune Up & I Bought Them When I Renewed ZoneAlarm But When I Go Too Overview In ZoneAlarm & Verify All Protection Is Running On The Computer It Says:

* Monitors inbound and outbound traffic flowing through your computer
* Requests from an unknown or unsolicited source are identified and blocked
* Hides your computer from hackers


* Behavior-based protection that monitors programs and blocks suspicious behavior
* All programs launched on your computer are compared against a database of known programs; malicious program are blocked, unknown programs result in a warning
* Protects against hard-to-remove malware affecting the core files of your computer, deeper than the operating system


* Hides your computer from hackers
* In addition, anti-spyware will scan known target areas for spyware such as the registry, operating system files, and installed files


* Detects and removes a range of threats from your computer, including worms, root kits, viruses, Trojan horses, and more
* Scans files for match with known virus library
* Protects against new viruses (zero hour) by monitoring and blocking suspicious behavior

Online Backup

* Securely upload/download files with User-defined encryption keys.
* Retrieve data from any location - login via any web browser to your account and access backed up data.
* Automated backup schedules the backup of data per your convenience.
* Add Protection

PC Tune-up

* Registry repair optimizes your registry be removing unused and redundant entries.
* Disc defragmentation optimizes the time it takes to retrieve and create files.
* Temporary file cleaner cleans out temporary and redundant files.
* Add Protection

Secure Browsing

* Protects you from automatic drive-by downloads
* Allows you to bank, shop, and surf online without unintentionally acquiring any new computer threats
* Detects phishing sites and spyware distribution sites
* Offers privacy by automatically erasing your surfing tracks on your computer
* Blocks keyloggers and screen grabbers from recording what you type into the browser
* Add Protection


You may already be running the missing security from another software vendor, but if not we recommend one of the following ZoneAlarm product:
OS Firewall + Antivirus + Antispyware + Browser Security + Online Backup + PC Tune-up
ZoneAlarm Extreme $19.95

Includes ZoneAlarm ForceField & ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite PLUS secured online backup, PC tune-up, identity protection and more.

Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
Software Version:8.0
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite