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Thread: win32.Ihdyzz

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    shawns Guest

    Default win32.Ihdyzz

    Ran a virus and spyware update then did a scan. win32.Ihdyzz came up as a spyware Trojan. After some research I found that it is part of adobe flash player. Is this a real threat or a false positive. I did a lot of searches and came up with nothing. I must be the only/first one with this problem.
    ZASS virus engine version spywear engine version

    Operating System:Windows XP Home Edition
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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    stoneil Guest

    Default Re: win32.Ihdyzz

    See previous thread Flash.ocx is it a false positive
    Since the file has a brand new Certificate I think yes

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    americanhero Guest

    Default Re: win32.Ihdyzz

    I am having the same problem and ZoneAlarm said it deleted the threat but when I do a follow up scan it comes back

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    americanhero Guest

    Default Re: win32.Ihdyzz

    It is a real threat that will not go away until you do a system rebootMeaning you need to reinstall everything that came with the PC

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    naivemelody Guest

    Default Re:Trojan W32.Ihdyzz/ AdobeFlash - false positve?

    Please click here >
    < read thru for the latest update

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    imconcerned Guest

    Default Re: win32.Ihdyzz

    I'm having the same problem. I uninstalled adobe flash player and win32.Ihdyzz was no longer detected. But when I reinstalled adobe flash player it showed up again. I'm currently running with out the flash player. I'll try it again in a day or two. I'll be following this thread for more information.
    Is this a false positive or is my computer infected with something that's using adobe?
    This thread is getting a lot of views, must be that it's not too uncommon. I would appreciate any other information. It doesn't take much to register so you can post.

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    americanhero Guest

    Default Re: win32.Ihdyzz

    Adobe flash was causing the problem People who get this threat pop up need to uninstall Adobe flash and any other program that goes with Flash to get rid of the problem

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    imconcerned Guest

    Default Re: win32.Ihdyzz

    Thanks but I still couldn't get ride of it. As a point of interest, I tried using AVG Anti Virus and it did not detect this. I do however believe it is a real threat, I sure wish I knew how I got it & why!
    I'm waiting to hear back from the people at Zone Alarm about this. Looks like I'll be using one of my slower/older computers for awhile.

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    americanhero Guest

    Default Re: win32.Ihdyzz

    It is the adobe flashYou need to uninstall all the components of the Adobe flash and then do a follow up scanIt should be gone then but do not reinstall the Adobe flash because win32.Ihdyzz will come back

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    americanhero Guest

    Default Re: win32.Ihdyzz

    How can you not get rid of it after you uninstalled the Adobe flash?

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