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Thread: win32.Ihdyzz

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    imconcerned Guest

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    Yes that's right. It's gone when I uninstall Adobe Flash Player, but when I reinstall it the Trojan comes back. What's up with that? I figure there's more to it than the flash player and that I'll have to reformat my hard drive to cure the problem.

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    americanhero Guest

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    I spoke to a friend in LA and he said that a lot of people are having problems with the Adobe flash who use ZAHe works on Computers and he has advised me to uninstall the Adobe flash and find another site or flash player to use.If I find one i'll post it

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    imconcerned Guest

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    Thank You! I'm not going to reformat yet but I am going to try this same setup on a freshly formatted computer, I'll let you know what happens.

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    americanhero Guest

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    People are complaining about this problem we are having on the Adobe forum so only time will tell what Adobe does.

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    topgun Guest

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    I also had this Trojan after installing the new Flash Player and it affected my mouse. Had to shut down and reboot. I was able to delete itby uninstalling it, but
    use Adobe's Uninstall Utility on their site and save it to your desktop. This utility will uninstall all previous versions ofAdobe Flash Player, where as Add/Remove Programs on your pc may not. Does this Trojan only affect ZA users? I didn't see it on theNorton site. I reported this Trojan to Adobe Tech Support and the guy didn't know what I was talking about.
    Link to uninstall utility:

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    greatwhitenorth Guest

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    From ZoneAlarm Technical Support <**bleep**>
    Fri, Mar 13, 2009 at 15:10
    Thank you for contacting ZoneAlarm Technical Support.
    I understand ZoneAlarm quarantined Win32.Ihdyzz a file needed for Adobe Flash . This would be a false postive. If the item is in quarantine, please restore the item from quarantine.
    To restore an item from quarantine:
    1.) Open ZoneAlarm
    2.) Click on Anti-virus/spyware -> Quarantine
    3.) Select the item and click restore
    If you are experiencing an issue with Adobe Flash after restoring the item from quarantine, please visit the site below for information on re-installing the Flash player.

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    topgun Guest

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    Just re-installed Flash Player and scanned system. No sign of any malware.I did
    read on the Adobe site there is a security issue with Adobe Reader 9.0.They recommend updating to 9.1.

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    adamdean Guest

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    Yes, it seems to have been fixed. I had completely unloaded the FLASH player all week and just reinstalled now; scanned and found no sign of the Trojan win32.lhdyzz.Thank you whomever had anything to do with this. I'd like to believe it was a "false positive" but with all the **bleep**ola out there on the net, and so many hackers run amokwho knows what these guys are capable of anymore?

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