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Thread: Pc Tune Up(virus?) in ZA Extreme Security

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    pigdog Guest

    Default Re: Pc Tune Up(virus?) in ZA Extreme Security - REPORTED and NOW FIXED

    Firstly, I only ran the deep scan as I was experiencing all the classic signs of a PC infected with a virus. I was unable to visit anti-virus websites etc, etc.
    The virus in question was active, even though most security experts believe it
    to be a zombie recruiter with April the 1st being zero day. Given that, If the tone was of my first post was somewhat aggressive, then I apologise. It was mostly due to my being rather flustered by the possibility that the very software that I use to protect myself may well share culpability for my PC's infection.

    May I
    ask though, what on Earth is mean't by "a false positive"? It's a known and established virus, and I was told that by Kapersky themselves. What on Earth is 'False' about it? It is a virus. And it is being backdoor'd into my PC via software promoted by a PC security suite vendor.
    And Kapersky has this very
    virus on it's list of "Known Malware". Google it. It is still being picked up by deep scans as of this message's date/time stamp. It is not fixed. Each and every time I d/l PC tuneup, the virus ends up back on my PC. It is not in the d/l itself,
    but after installation, the first time I
    go on line the Virus is d/led into PC
    Tuneup. It replaces the setup.exe file and the app's .exe file. The app in question continues to act normally though. I deep scan before and after the d/l. Nothing. I install PCTU - Scan - still nothing -
    go on line (IE7) and then go off line, then deep scan - there's the **bleep** virus. I would like to
    mention that this does not occur if I use Firefox. This is not a driveby. It is coming through a back door somehow related to either PCTU or ZAX itself.
    It can't be quarantined by ZAX (that is itself an indication that it is not a "false positive&quot so has to be deleted. This, of course, renders PCTU unusable.

    The first action I took was to report it to Kapersky. I've also spoken to M$ about it. That's how I found out that the virus in question has been known to both parties
    since November 2008.

    I thought that by coming and posting
    here, that I was keeping it in the family, so to speak. It was more as a support for the others who had the same problem. My mistake. Oh, and by the way,
    I had already taken the steps you advised, and more before I'd even
    visited here. Given that, I find your tone and "smiley" offensive.
    To post a reply like that is is somewhat akin to the style of communication used by adults when speaking to frightened and ignorant children, and
    is a particular form of condecension that I don't take kindly to. I am well aware that neither Kapersky nor ZA/Checkpoint monitor this forum - at least not officially. I ended up here because the op's post was flagged by Google. I have simply posted
    my experience as an aid to anyone else who finds themselves in the same situation.

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    Default Re: Pc Tune Up(virus?) in ZA Extreme Security - REPORTED and NOW FIXED

    Hi!could not really follow your long message, sorry. But this was confirmed false positive (=wrong detection of a good file).I am referring to the wrong detection ofPacked.Win32.Black.d. into the Pc-tune setup file. It is now been fixedMay be you are referring to another malware?Cheers,Fax

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