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    bhumburg Guest

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    In the news lately is a security threat from China called GhostNet. The ZoneAlarm servers and main website don't mention anything, at least according to a search algorithm I just ran. (Silence is deafening and all that.);q=ghostnet
    Are ZoneAlarm customers protected from this threat? Do we know anything about the specifics of the intrusion? Does it install a rootkit or exploit a hack or something?
    I'd really like to know what is going on with this. Thanks.

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    riceorony Guest

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    I doubt you have anything to worry about since the variance of the thing is low.

    ZA will catch anything trying to install on your computer that it doesn't recognize or you didn't initiate (e.g. OSFirewall).

    As long as you practice safe hex, then you should be safe from 99.9% of things
    1.) Don't EVER open attachments via email.
    2.) Don't go to sites or category of sites that have higher risks of infecting the computer via drive-by-downloads (which your Extreme security suite will protect from)
    3.) Don't file share.
    4.) Don't click links in emails, always manually type in the information into your web-browser.
    5.) Have an external firewall if possible.

    When in doubt, just reformat your computer and reload everything a-fresh
    1.) Reformat, install OS
    2.) Install all windows patches/updates behind an external firewall
    3.) Install all your security apps and programs.
    4.) Safe-HEX it!

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