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Thread: Win32.chuangsi reappears, plus Win32.ondacero

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    Default Win32.chuangsi reappears, plus Win32.ondacero

    I have recently seen Win32.chuangsi reported on my PC by Zone Alarm on a routine scan. I deleted it in the same dialog box that reported it. A later scan then showed the same plus, which I have also deleted in the same way. Since chuangsi has reappeared after being deleted, I am concerned that it has not really gone.
    History. I Have recently renewed (upgraded) to Extreme Edition from (I think) v7. There was a gap of about a month when I was not receiving updates, because I didn't renew straight away. I did a fresh install, and have been running in Learning Mode until today. All the reports have been since the upgrade and in Learning Mode. I am running with the deepest level of antivirus and antispyware inspection.
    I normally run behind a hardware firewall (in my ADSL modem), but have once used a mobile 3G broadband dongle, so only had the ZA firewall. The reappearance was noted after the 3G connection, but may or may not have hapened at that time.
    I can't find any information about either of these two spyware items, either through Google or on the Zone Alarm or Sophos websites.
    My questions are:
    1) Have they gone - how can I tell?2) Have I likely suffered in some way because of the infection - what do they do?3) Best course of action next......?
    Windows XP SP3, fully patched, automaticallyZA, automatic updates turned on
    Any thoughts or help appreciated!

    Operating System:Windows XP Pro
    Software Version:8.0
    Product Name:ZoneAlarm Extreme Security

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    Default Re: Win32.chuangsi reappears, plus Win32.ondacero

    Hi!perform the standard removal procedure to double check you are clean. To be 99% sure you are clean you should also have your system checked by experts (last point of the message below).,Fax

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