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    bcool Guest


    Howz It,

    ZASS picked this up today,'s in quarantine right now...I can't seem to find any information about it on line...I'm not really sure what to do about it at this point.Should I just delete it or is there more procedure I need to do to completely rid my computer of it?...Any information and or help about would be appreciated


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    Charles_B Guest

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    Guru fax had already address the procedure on 12-28-2008.

    At this link :

    Have a nice Day

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    bcool Guest

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    Howz It Charles_B.

    Mahalo for your response.

    I had not considered the notion that was a false positive in that ZASS detected and quarantined it while I was online and not during a scan.Also was added to Kaspersky Virus Watch on 2 June 2009.

    In order for me to submit to Virustotal I would first have to release it from quarantine.What little I know about this virus is that it is very harmful.The thought of releasing it back to my computer worries me to say the least.

    What I had hoped was someone would be familiar with this virus and could advise me as to how to deal with it.

    Again Mahalo,bcool

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    Charles_B Guest

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    There are no matching records for Please try your search again.At the Virus Information Center
    at this link :

    Browse the Virus Information Center Library by selecting a letter or number below.

    If you would had followed up on hperlink on same link it would have taken you to the following link :

    I have no other suggestion other than this to resolve your issue.

    ZoneAlarm staff does not monitor this board. We are all users here.

    If you have a valid license you can can contact free of charge ZoneAlarm Technical Support and Customer Service at :

    Technical Support Live Chat
    Available Mon-Fri 8am-5:30pm PST

    Customer Service Live Chat
    Available Mon-Fri 5am-7:45pm PST
    Available Sat-Sun 6am-6pm PST

    Hope this helps

    Have a nice Day

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