To report spyware threats to ZoneAlarm, please follow the instructions below.

If you would like to send feedback about spyware detections or if you have detected false positive spyware (a legitimate program that ZoneAlarm classifies as spyware) please report it to ZoneAlarm at email address:

Email suspected spyware/malware malicious file in a password protected zip archive to :

Windows XP default compression program:

1. Using Windows Explorer, locate the first file you want to zip.

2. Right click on the file and select Send To and Compressed (zipped) Folder. This will create a new compressed folder with the same name as the file, except with the extension .zip.

3. Right click any other file you want to compress and select Copy.

4. Right click on the compressed folder you created in step 2 and select Paste. The copied file was pasted into the compressed folder. Repeat this until your compressed folder contains all the files you want.

5. Right click on the compressed folder and select Explore.

6. In File, select Add a Password. Enter the password and confirm the password.

7. Set the password to : infected

8. Send an email to with the zip file as an attachment.

Please do not send spyware/malware samples if you feel you cannot do so safely or if it will increase the risk of infection or damage to your system. Do not email this file to others as it could be malicious.

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