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Thread: How did they get my IP address?

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    Default How did they get my IP address? etc...

    Just got a web page that had my IP address on it, I thought Zonealarm protected that?

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    Default Re: How did they get my IP address?

    The link you posted is bad. But in partial reply, your IP has to be public or else you cannot surf the web. When you ask to be served a web page you have to give it an address to send it to, your IP. If you post up a good link or the link to the web page I might be able to give you a better answer.
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    Default Re: How did they get my IP address?

    I wouldn't worry much about them getting your IP address. If you're with a large server, there could be thousands with the same IP. If you are fully stealthed then you're invisible while you surf. If you post on some forums info concerning your IP, even your browser and other information will be shown. I use free ZA and am absolutely confident that I'm as safe as possible online. I don't know if ZAP offers full stealth mode, which hides your browser and OS type. I know Sygate Pro offers that feature.

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