This is the info I got today if you want to stop this, but make sure that you read all the cautions and information as it will affect how the software works. This is for the newest version only (as tested by ZoneLabs) <HR>The ZoneAlarm family of products offers a number of features and services that enhance your security by providing specific information about threats, configurations, and programs. To enable these services, ZoneAlarm security products communicate periodically with Zone Labs servers. Of course, this communication is done on an "opt in" basis; it is your choice to decide to take advantage of these features and services.

Here are the steps to take to disable any contact between your ZoneAlarm product and Zone Labs servers. NOTE: Disabling these features will limit the functionality of the security product, in the ways described below.

Turn off Antivirus monitoring found in ZoneAlarm, ZoneAlarm with Antivirus, ZoneAlarm Pro, and ZoneAlarm Security Suite. Choose Antivirus Monitoring (or Antivirus) | Main, and set Monitoring to Off. Disabling this feature will prevent the program from informing you when your antivirus solution from vendors like Norton, McAfee, Trend or CA is out of date or disabled.

Turn off automatic updates to Antivirus Protection, found in ZoneAlarm with Antivirus, ZoneAlarm Security Suite. Choose Antivirus | Main, and click the Antivirus Options button. The Advanced Antivirus Settings dialog appears. Select Updates from the list on the left, and uncheck "Disable Automatic Updates." Disabling this feature prevents your ZoneAlarm product from automatically updating its antivirus definitions, radically reducing its effectiveness against new viruses.

Disable Program Advisor (security advice from the AlertAdvisor) found in ZoneAlarm Pro and ZoneAlarm Security Suite. Choose Program Control | Main, and set the AlertAdvisor slider to Off. This feature can normally be run in automatic or manual mode. If you shut it off entirely, you won't have program access permissions assigned automatically, and you won't receive recommendations in manual mode. You will instead be asked to manually confirm (without advice) whether each new program, when launched, can access the Internet.

Disable sharing your security settings, found in ZoneAlarm Pro and ZoneAlarm Security Suite. Choose Overview | Preferences, and uncheck "Share my security settings anonymously with Zone Labs." With this feature disabled, you won't be sharing your configuration information with Zone Labs. Zone Labs aggregates and analyzes this anonymous information to improve performance of our products.

Disable automatic Check for Update functionality, found in ZoneAlarm Pro and ZoneAlarm Security Suite. Choose Overview | Preferences, and set the Check for Updates button to Manual. With this feature disabled, you won't be automatically notified when Zone Labs releases a new version of our products. You should make sure you continue to click the manual "Check for Update" button every few weeks, so you don't miss a product update.