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Thread: What is $sys$DRMServer.exe and why is ZoneLabs 6 warning me about it?

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    mikedj Guest

    Default Re: What is $sys$DRMServer.exe and why is ZoneLabs 6 warning me about it?

    I too bought a Sony CD, the new Switchfoot album. Before you can listen to it on your computer, you agree to this long list of terms.(Which I didn't read that well) I do remember it saying a skin and player would be installed along with activity software that allowed you to do a backup burn, then it would cut you off. I also remember a slight mention of nothing being tracked or tied to you. Now I've got Zone Alarm going crazy andthem saying it sends nothing back isBS, why does it want control of everything so bad. And why play the hide game as hard as they are with the file names and give you no un-install options. It tries to attach itself to over 30 programs every 15 seconds on my system, 500 alerts every 15 seconds is really crunching my Zone Alarm.Watching for a fix folks.

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    Default Re: What is $sys$DRMServer.exe and why is ZoneLabs 6 warning me about it?

    Mike you would actually need to remove the attached vermiin the CD installed within itself,and doing that can be a pain in the rear,as it often makes the CD drive non compliant afterwards.Sony worked hard on this program(or the company they bought the rights from),and it is installed to make usre you do not copy any disks made by Sony.

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    keithsch Guest

    Default Re: What is $sys$DRMServer.exe and why is ZoneLabs 6 warning me about it?

    I have this problem too after installing the Sony software from a Our Lady Peace CD. I don't necessarily mind the software being there (since I don't have much of a choice if I want to listen to the CD/music), but I get prompted about it every single time I reboot my machine. What are most people doing about the software rights within ZoneAlarm? Do you allow it all the time? Do you kill it off for good?Keith

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    Default Re: What is $sys$DRMServer.exe and why is ZoneLabs 6 warning me about it?

    Kill it off,it is almost considered spyware.

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    tallyflo Guest

    Default Re: What is $sys$DRMServer.exe and why is ZoneLabs 6 warning me about it?

    I'm not a programmer by any stretch of the imagination. Nevertheless, I offer the following revelations based on prior comments and logical conclusions.

    I am also having the DRMServer.exe problem, and realize it started the day I loaded two CD s. They are 1) Switchfoot Nothing is Sound Columbia; and 2) David Gray Life in Slow Motion RCA (Sony/BMG).

    Reading the small print on the CD s (at 50, it takes a magnifying glass), the Columbia CD refers me to for more information, while the RCA/Sony/BMG refers me to Neither site provides information detailing what is installed, nor instructions for uninstalling.

    I submitted emails to both sites requesting instructions for uninstalling, agreeing to discard the disks. I ll post instructions if they provide any. If they don t I m perturbed enough to seek a class action attorney. News articles suggest that the copy protection antics of music producers are on the rise (see,

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    lostweedend Guest

    Default Re: What is $sys$DRMServer.exe and why is ZoneLabs 6 warning me about it?

    Here's what I came up with, which brought my computer out of slowdown-itis.

    What I suggest is to change the service of DRMServer.exe to Manual.

    To do so, go to Start > Run and type "services.msc" (without the quotes) and then click OK. For me, the $sys$ file was found in the "Plug and Play Device Manager" title. To make sure it's there, right click on that file, and you should then be able to see "$sys$DRMServer.exe" listed under "path to executable". To stop it from automatically starting at boot, you can click the Stop button in the properties window to stop the service and then you can change the "start up type" to either manual or disabled. You may or may not have to do that. If you get an error just go ahead and switch it to either Manual or Disable. If you select Manual, the service can still run if needed by a program, but it will not start automatically. If you disable it, the service will not be able to run at all unless you change the "start up type" again to either manual or automatic.

    The file will still be on your computer, but at least it won't slow things down, nor will it disable your CD ROM. After a week or so, if everything is still ok, I'll try to diable it and see what happens then.

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    seblair Guest

    Default Re: Here's how I got rid of it! :o)

    To rid myself of that miserable $sys$DRMServer.exe, I did the following:

    Boot-up in Safe Mode.
    Then do a Search in Advanced Mode with the following boxes checked:

    * Search system folders
    * Search hidden files and folders
    * Search subfolders

    The Search FOUND IT!! It was hidden and locked in the System folder. It is a 300K executeable file. I then deleted the file.
    In the past, I had tried to find the file, but could not (possibly because I wasn't in Safe Mode at the time, and I might not have checked the same boxes (above)). Anyway, WHEW!!! It's finally gone! I hope, if anyone tries this, they have similar good fortune. )

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    forum_moderator Guest

    Default Re: What is $sys$DRMServer.exe and why is ZoneLabs 6 warning me about it?

    If any users still have that software on their system and would like to help Zone Labs investigate further, please email - be sure to state that you have this software on your system, what version of ZA you have installed, and what OS you have. We will only need 1 or 2 people for this testing, which will include running a small program on your system for testing purposes (it won't make any everlasting changes). Also, be sure to let us know if you are willing to test a beta version for us.Thank you,MarcusForum Moderator

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    Default Re: What is $sys$DRMServer.exe and why is ZoneLabs 6 warning me about it?

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