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Thread: True Vector shutdown

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    oneder Guest

    Default Re: True Vector shutdown

    I have been having strife with the new version.Noticed true vector service was set manual in services.Pretty sure it was set at auto in the last version.Anyway I have uninstalled and using other security software for the time being.

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    junglenut Guest

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    It is set to automatic on this machine.

    BTW, I havent had a problem since my first post. I am still waiting for a response from support, but I will post any useful info here when I do.

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    petetxny Guest

    Default Re: True Vector shutdown

    Back about 10 June 2005 TrueVector Service shut down was talked about a lot. A work-around posted then said to open Zone Alarm, Click on "Program Control", then move the "Advisor" to off. I tried to find ZA's posted solution from back then, but cannot find it on the forums.

    I think ZA said they'd changed part of the settings in the update, and when they were changed back, everything worked correctly again.

    Did the update designers do it again?

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    jds Guest

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    I have had TrueVector shut down about fout times in the past two days. Here are the details of the merror message:szAppName:vsmon.exe, szAppVer: 6.1.7370, szModName:vsruledb.dll, offset 000233d7.Needless to say it is troubling to have it go down! Please Help!Thanks, JoAnn

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    staindrop Guest

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    Since I upgraded and reinstalled ZA the True Vector Internet Monitor shuts down every night. I have scheduled spyware (1 am) and anti-virus (3 am) sweeps every night. Those used to work ok. Now the anti-virus stalls at about the same place (temporary internet files for another user on the machine who has a different XP account), and the True Vector Internet Monitor shuts down - so when I look at my machine in the morning I get a message asking if I want to restart the TVIM - when I look at the anti-virus scan progress it is stalled - and it refuses to accept a 'skip' instruction. The TVIM restarts in response to clicking 'yes' to restart, but I cannot get a 'skip' to work without shutting down and restarting ZA. Could someone please point me to a fix for this problem? Looking at other posts, this is beginning to have an aroma of a bug! ... oh, and getting to ZL tech support is a nightmare! - and at one point when I try to send an email I am told that my email address (ending in .info) is invalid! If TVIM shuts down, how unprotected is my machine for the period between shutting down and my restarting?

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