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Thread: the a1981.g.akamai

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    aweir Guest

    Default Yes, and thank you

    You help is appreciated. Thanks

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    spm Guest

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    I remember how relieved I was when I found out what akamai really was. The akamai servers are so ubiquitous, I regard them as part of the backbone of the internet. Your point about akamai servers being targets for exploitation is a good one ... just like what has been done to many of the other big corps on the net. And akamai servers take care of many things besides ads ... like providing mirror sites for faster downloading of updates, etc. They are a good traffic management net citizen ... but when you don't know what they really are, it is fairly common to be auto-suspicious. I did that to Level3 ... blocked them ... until I found out what it was ... then I sheepishly unblocked. That is why I read posts in forums like this ... so I can find out what I am doing ... knowledge being the cure for ignoramushood ... ... spm

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    malikah Guest

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    I'll bet the one thing we all have in common is Visual Studio
    In ZoneAlarm, go to Alerts & Logs(left-bottom-tab) > Log Viewer(top-right-tab) > Alert Type - "Program". Now read the list and find what time it popped up.

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