So far I've simply found Zone Alarm Pro annoying. It gives me a cryptic message that asks if I should allow and deny some process thats trying to run, but gives no usable information to aid in that decision, what might happen in saying yeh or nay, or how to get any information necessary to make a decision. This mean I have to WRITE down the app name, and run through the internet search engines to get information. Two examples:FIRST: hotkey.exe by chicony inc. the warning (red) message I get is that its recording my keystrokes. When I check the internet, Chicony is the company that provides the driver for my dynex wireless keyboard. It records the strokes, as such, because it identifies on screen when I have cap/num lock on or off, handy when you're tryin to enter a password, no? I know a trojan/virus could also insert a program to do that, but would it have a company name? If it faked one, how would I know? hotkeye.exe was not in the system 32 folder, or hidden, but an ordinary program in windows with all the other ordinary programs, so why does this generate a warning? Wouldn't a nasty have been trying to hide itself? Whats the advantage of Zone Alarm telling me there is a suspicious program which is right there out in the open? Wouldn't it be more useful to know if it had made registry changes that would always re-install on Win startup, which is a behavior you'd expect in a virus/trojan. It would be much of a nasty if all you had to do was press delete would it?SECOND: I get a warning (red) message that a program called Nvidia driver update is trying to run start or enact a win program rundll32 (I think, I didn't write it down). I have a Nvidia graphic card, so isn't this normal activity? Again no information provided to make a rational decision, details just tells me the source is Nvidia, Inc. (duh).And on the Internet it gives me messages that its blocked "private headers" w/o telling me what that means, why its useful or from what source it blocked.Zone Labs Pro, another waste of money on a program that tells me nothing, or tells me information I already know.

Operating System:Windows XP Pro
Product Name:ZoneAlarm Pro
Software Version:6.0